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Thread: How do people set-up their CAD Project Guide

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    Default How do people set-up their CAD Project Guide

    I'm in the process of putting together a typical CAD Project Guide for my company. I have already put together a CAD Standards Manual.

    The idea of the CAD Project Guide is basically to describe in detail what the project will consist of. So far, I've included file/folder structures/naming conventions, pen settings to be used, types/sizes/styles of all annotation/dimensioning, symbology/legends, drawing sizes to be used, and drawing development (revisioning/submissions).

    I would like to elaborate on this guide, but am not really sure what else I can put in here without it being a replica of the CAD Standards Manual.

    Anyone got any ideas? pointers?

    Would anyone be willing to share one that I can use as an example and guide?

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Default Re: How do people set-up their CAD Project Guide

    Instead of replicating the same information from your CAD Standards Manual, could you place a reference to sections within your manual?

    I'd share, but I don't have anything documented to help.
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    Default Re: How do people set-up their CAD Project Guide

    I agree with Opie, my CAD standards document is broken into sections -
    - Line type Color and Pen Widths,
    - Lettering size for different scales,
    - Instructions to create Building base plan + Sections (master x'ref),
    - Master drawing list for a typical project (table form). This list has three headings:
    Drawing/Sheet No., Sheet Title, and a basic description (what would be drawn, standard
    scale, and some have which working blocks to use - plumbing blocks for M1), &
    - Drafting stages (Concept, 50%, 80%, & 100%) and what is expected to be done in
    each stage.

    It is a working progress. I expect to be 100% complete when I retire......
    I am including a pdf of the area that may interest you.

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    Lightbulb Re: How do people set-up their CAD Project Guide

    I would dived the company manual in to CAD Standards, Conventions, Working methods and Drawing Techniques.

    My definition for this is would be.
    CAD Standards, belong to all cad drawings.
    Example; scale units, display scale (Dimscale), pen thickness/ display colour, Ltscale or Celtscale, text heights.

    Conventions. A standard way of setting up but can change with out affecting the cad standards.
    Example; File structure, drawing naming, xref and block naming, layers, hatch patains line types

    Working Methods; changes from type to job and stage of job.
    Example; The way xref are used, sheets or drawing naming.

    Drawing Techniques,
    Example; selecting with qselect or SSX, refediting coping from one drawing to another.

    Most company Standards are to strict and not flexible enough to allow for different situation this can mean that the company paints it self into a corner and cause resentment.

    The standards should be kept to a minimal and probably built into AutoCAD and DWGs so you can work with each others drawings & collaborate.

    “Simplicity is the art of good design”


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