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    Don't show us a yellow box when you delete a pinned object. Show us the box that we see when we try to move a pinned object.

    Too many time users select something with a crossing and select too much stuff like slabs, grid lines, structural columns and such. We would like to pin these objects to protect them, seems to me that is what pin should be used for.

    Revit protects us from moving pinned objects, why not protect us from deleting?


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    Second that.
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    Pinned objects can also be accidentally amended - eg. floors can have their extents moved when walls are moved, even though we may not want that to happen (who can remember exactly which floor edges were defined by picking walls or drawing lines).

    We need two degrees of locking - "Pin" which behaves as present (but asks for permission to delete or amend), and "Lock" object which does not allow it to be altered in any way at all. It would be good to be able to lock by category too - eg. Grids, Levels and property boundaries (we currently use a dodgy workaround method of creating a dummy "grids" user to take permanent control of the grids and levels workset).

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