Thread Title: DB Sharing Forum Guidelines - Please read before you post!


Welcome to the new Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum.

THIS forum was created / started due to the overwhelming popularity of the Dynamic Block Sharing thread (may it RIP), which use to reside in the old AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks forum.

The AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks forum has now been split into two separate sub-forums, each with their own unique purpose in life.

The first is the Dynamic Blocks - Technical forum. Can you guess what is (meant to be) posted in there

The second is the Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum. This is where you are!

Please feel free (in fact we implore you) to use THIS forum to show off your FINISHED Dynamic Blocks.


Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum Guidelines

When posting a Dynamic Block to share, please follow these simple rules:

1. Thread titles, begin by adding a category (Architectural, Annotation, Civil, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Miscellaneous, Plumbing, Structural, etc) to which your Block belongs then include the name of the Block being posted OR some text that clearly describes the nature of the Block eg

  • Architectural - Stairs.
  • Electrical - Panel.
Please keep thread titles as accurate and appropriate as possible. Clear, meaningful thread titles are VERY! IMPORTANT to the functionality of the forum search / similar thread facility and greatly help (improve) the forum experience for everyone that uses the forums.

If your Block name is too vague or not specific enough, us Dynamic Blockhead Mods will go in there and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it complies with the above.

2. Include a small blurb (if applicable and the mood takes you)…

  • How you went about creating the Block, put it together.
  • Does it contain any fancy / complicated features you are especially proud of – but! made you brain hurt at the time
  • Why you created.
  • How you use it and how it saves you time.
This blurb would go in the post's body, not in the title

3. One Block type per thread (is normally always best). Please do not post a mixture of different Block types to the same thread, if that practise occurs, us Dynamic Blockhead Mod’s will have to go in there and Move / Split things up.

4. Feel free to ask_questions_of / give_feedback_to / make_suggestions_to the Author who has kindly shared their FINISHED Dynamic Block(s) in THIS forum.

5. Please DO NOT! post technical questions or start new technical related threads in THIS forum. Such posts will generally be moved to the Dynamic Blocks - Technical forum, but in some cases they will be simply removed.


Additional Information

As it stands, this forum effectively eliminates any need for Dynamic Block Sharing threads in either of the two available Dynamic Block forums, so please do not start any new "bulk sharing" threads like we did in the good old days.

Please DO NOT! post technical questions or start new technical related threads in THIS forum - those belong in the Dynamic Blocks - Technical forum. Yes we know we have posted this item twice - maybe because it is important (it is to us).

We believe the new format will make it easier for users to browse through the massive library of Dynamic Blocks that have been generously shared by AUGI users thus far. We also believe that this new format will make it easier to locate a Dynamic Block that is right for your specific needs! No more post surfing and no more cumbersome searches! It also gives each of you a chance to stand out from the crowd and get noticed for the innovative and hard work you do to make Dynamic Blocks, dynamic, fun and


Searching for Dynamic Blocks

If there is a Block you seek, use THIS link to limit your search to the Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum. In the Key Word(s): text box, enter your search criteria eg

Key Word(s): Architectural + Stairs


Key Word(s): Electrical + Panel

If a Block or Blocks meeting your search criteria has been shared in the Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum, a list of available threads with their respective Blocks will pop up on your screen ready for you to take home to mama!



We are excited about the new AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks forum changes and believe it is a much tidier place to visit and perform your Dynamic Block magic. If you have any comments / feedback / suggestions on what you see (or would like to see), please feel free to contact us - Dynamic Blockhead Mods aka Chris and Rico the Dynamic Duo - and let us know what's on your mind (please keep it clean and family friendly).

Now, start sharing those Dynamic Blocks!


AUGI endorsed, Dynamic Blockhead Mod approved!