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Thread: Problem plotting coincident lines

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    Default Problem plotting coincident lines

    Using Autocad 2000, I find that if I have copied a line onto itself, or it is coincident with another object line, both lines will be ommitted in the plot. The same is true for 3D plots which are plotted perpendicular to face or plane. Oblique views of a 3D object shows all lines on the plot.
    Your help will be appreciated.

    m. hufford

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    Default Re: Problem plotting coincident lines

    Do you have Shade PLOT on?
    Did you happen to HIDE the view prior
    to plotting?
    Also investigate the graphics option for that
    printer and se if it is set to MERGE

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    Default Re: Problem plotting coincident lines


    Have you both the following updates for AutoCAD 2000 installed -

    (English) AutoCAD 2000 Plotting Update Patch

    AutoCAD 2000 Service Pack 2 (Unlocked)

    Please note with the above I've assumed rightly or wrongly you are running the English version of AutoCAD + the American version in relation to Service Pack 2, if I've got it wrong check out the following AutoCAD Download area for the correct updates -

    AutoCADĀ® 2000 Updates & Service Packs

    Have a good one, Mike

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