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Thread: Can't create a simple domestic stair!

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    Default Can't create a simple domestic stair!

    I was quite pleased when they improved the stairs in ADT2007, previous versions were virtually impossible to get the winders how I wanted them, but at least I can do that with the line work option in 2007.

    My problem now is with bull-nose treads and stringers. I want to create a stair where the right string stops short of the bottom tread (which is bull-nosed). I can get it right in plan and in 3d, but not both at the same time! See attached drawing & image.

    I know ADT is predominately a commercial package, but this detail is so common in UK housing there should be built in functionality to do this!

    If anyone can find a way of making it correct in plan and 3D I would be very grateful (I hate resorting to linework!).

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