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Thread: OSNAPS Work on Gaps in Linetypes

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    Default OSNAPS Work on Gaps in Linetypes

    Summary: OSNAPS to work on gaps in linetypes

    Description: Have ACAD understand osnaps between gaps in broken linetypes.

    i.e. two hidden linetypes intersect at their gaps. ACAD can't understand the gap crossing as an osnap point.

    How Used: Anybody who uses linetypes other than continuous should find this useful

    Feature Affinity: Snaps

    Submitted By: David Whynot on June 10, 2008

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    Default Re: OSNAPS Work on Gaps in Linetypes

    It works perfectly well if you zoom out a little. It's a function of your Aperture size setting.
    John B

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    Exclamation Re: OSNAPS Work on Gaps in Linetypes

    This wish has been reported as granted and already in the software.

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