Summary: The ability to sort by primary and secondary columns in a Dynamic Block Look Up Table.

Description: Dynamic blocks, when adding a "property lookup table" we can only sort by one column at a time. It would be great if we could have sorting like in Excel, where there is a primary and then secondary sorting column.

How Used: When making a table with many options (100+), if you want to go back later and add more options, you have to insert ONE LINE AT A TIME if you want to have them come up in the dialog box properly (which is REALLY slow, a long pause between each line insert). It would be soooo much faster if I could just add the new stuff to the bottom of the list where it is fast to add lines, then just sort by primary, then secondary columns! I lose a lot of time with this one!

Feature Affinity: Blocks

Submitted By: Samuel Lewis on February 6, 2007