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Thread: Category Parameters (ex "Offsets")

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    Default Category Parameters (ex "Offsets")

    Does anyone have experience with the various parameters that are evident a family within Revit Systems when a family is placed? Are these based upon the category? So, then, if I go in and alter the category, it should be inherent to those category settings (leastwise, I would think) and as a result, change by category setting? This doesn't seem to be the case. I'm wondering, does it only change based upon the category in which it was originally created? - or does it depend upon the template utilized for creation? - or is there another way in which this may be altered? One of the parameters I've noticed this with is the "offset" constraint.

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    Default Re: Category Parameters (ex "Offsets")

    It's a bit hard to understand what you are referring to. Can you post the family?

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    Default Re: Category Parameters (ex "Offsets")

    I think she is referring to part type parameters. As far as I know, parameters such as "mains" on an electrical panel board type family are hard coded into Revit and cannot be changed or deleted as far as what kind of parameter they are.

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