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    Default AutoTURN

    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to run AutoTURN for me on a .dwg? Our AutoTURN (4.0) is no longer supported and it has "broke down" again (It breaks down a lot, sort of like an old Ford.) so we are unable to use it. The bossman doesn't want to upgrade.
    So if anyone can help me out here I would really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: AutoTURN

    this is more of a question regarding autoturn instead of a response to dfarris75.

    I have autoturn 5.0, on LDT 06, & for some reason, no matter how many freaking times I draw my path correctly, it's insisting on reversing how it wants to draw my truck in.
    I started working on this yesterday, I got my first path to work, not a big deal. I then drew a path going the reverse direction to make sure I wouldn't hit any curbs going back out of the area. it worked just fine up until about 30 mins ago. now, it's insisting on taking my truck & heading down my path the opposite way of how I want it to go. I have tried redrawing it, I have tried closing CAD & reopening it without saving, I have even just rebooted my stupid machine without saving, but now it will not even draw my path the direction I want it. does anyone know of a way to reverse the path? yes, I've tried reversing my original pline, that is not working either.

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