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    Post RE: Layers named by number

    I have looked everywhere, this is the closest thread I could find to post a layer naming question so I brought it back to life.

    I am currently developing a production manual revamping the hardly existing CAD standard for the interiors department for my company. The existing in use set of layers have been imported from the architectural set, they have been using for a number of years layers based on the AIA that has only a major group and a number. The number is the layer color.

    Example, this means if there are 6 different lineweights for walls, there will be 6 layers. I have not been able to find in the web anything that describes the pros and cons of this method.

    Refer to the attached picts, they are pretty self explanatory.

    I am promoting a descriptive set of layers that requires little training. The other I believe should come with a manual at all times to know where to place things.

    The office uses a pull down menu to select layers that minimizes any misspelling or extra layers.

    Any comments are welcome.

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