A frequent question is:

"I've created a custom profile in Options, set it current and upon exiting the program and re-launching it, the default out of the box profile has become current and my custom profile is no longer current - why?"

Most likely this has to do with something called a profile switch.

The out-of-the-box shortcut for ADT 2007 has this in the Target edit box:
"C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007\acad.exe" /ld "C:\Program Files\Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007\AecBase50.dbx" /p "Architectural Desktop - Imperial"

Change the quoted string after the /p to use your custom profile name [or make a copy of the desktop icon, and change it there, if you want to keep an icon for the out-of-the-box profile]. Please note that the file extension *.arg is not included in this string and should not be added to it in this case.

Additionally, if this profile does not exist in Options, you can tell the profile to be imported from a location. For example it might read
/p "C:\CompanyCAD\Standards\Customprofile.arg". In this instance you do need to use the *.arg since you are specifying a specific file and location. This can reside locally or on the network. Once imported, it will stay in the users profile and will no longer import from the location specified in the profile switch unless the custom profile is deleted from Options.