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Thread: AutoCAD licensing activation problems under BootCamp

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    Default AutoCAD licensing activation problems under BootCamp

    I'm trying to run Autodesk 3ds max and Autocad on Vista running under Boot Camp on a Macbook Pro, but hit a problem with licensing activations..

    I had a very frustrating conversation with Autocad technical support about the problem (with the autodesk portable licensing utility, which we use with both autocad 2008 and 3ds max 9). Basically, they said that the PLU is not designed to operate with boot camp because boot camp creates a mismatch between the software clock and the logic board clock (not quite sure what that means in reality, and I was having some difficulty understanding the autodesk tech, accent-wise). They said that there is no workaround for the problem, and that, effectively, we cannot use our autodesk software on our mac's for that reason. He told me to buy a new computer. Unbelievably, I cannot find a mention of this problem on any official autodesk or apple support page.

    Effectively, it seems that the licensed versions of acad cannot be used on intel macs at all, without having to get the product reactivated daily over the phone (I have no idea whether autodesk would be willing to do this, even I was willing to call them every morning). Since I just upgraded to acad 2008 and bought a new Macbook pro, I basically face the dilemma of having to throw out either the software or the new PC.

    First of all, is the autodesk explanation (or lack thereof) true? And second of all, is there a workaround? As it is, either we have a few thousand dollars of software or a few thousand dollars of hardware that cannot be used... a total disaster.
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    Default Re: AutoCAD licensing activation problems under BootCamp


    ID: TS1070248 - Support for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT on Apple computers

    That said, if you browse / search THIS forum, you will find people have had some success with running Autodesk products via BootCamp.

    Have a good one, Mike

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