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Thread: ADT 2007 - Block to Tool Palettes to Views/Sheets in Project Navigator

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    Default ADT 2007 - Block to Tool Palettes to Views/Sheets in Project Navigator

    Hello, this seems to be the place to get to the goal I'm trying to accomplish. I am new to using ADT Project Manager/ Navigator and the tool palettes are great to use, one problem though. The tool palettes for callouts does not have a double line title block, the one I created does not update its fields when dragged into a sheet or view. I may have went about it wrong, I read up on this subject in the help desk, but let me tell you my process. I started by finding where the blocks in the tool palettes were located, I went to the (C) drive/documents and settings/All users/Application data/Autodesk/ADT 2007/enu/styles/imperial/callouts/ when in this I made a copy of a single line title block I had been using. From there I xploded the copied title block once, then copied the Title up at a certain spacing above the other and named it Title 1 and renamed the original Title 2. I went to the blocks and attributes editor trying several diff., ways about doing this. I used block editor, attributes editoor, and blockattribute manager. I also inserted new custom fields but not formulas or codes because i'm not sure on how do do that or if it is needed. I also used what had already been set as a field in the original title block and still nothing worked when I dragged the titleblock from tool palettes to the sheet or view. The icon for the double line title block i created works in a way, i can drag it over but it doesnt come in at right scale when I change the scale on my sheet for diffrent sized details and it doesn't update fields accordingly. I need a Title 1 & Title 2 field/ a scale field, which should generate automatically with the scale I have selected when dragging over from tool palettes/ and last a detail number that generates or changes as I add the first detail to the last detail for a sheet, say I drag 13 details over from the foundation details views tab/folder and I want each title block number to change/update everytime I add anouther detail from the views tab/folder I am using. Do you know from what I have posted what i may be doing incorrectly or if i'm even close to getting this right, i may be off on the wrong path completely, but I am new to this so any helpful information could be useful right now, hopefully this made since to you the way I went about trying this or my goal in general I am trying to reach.

    Thanks for your time and for any response,

    Matthew M. Gore
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    Default Re: ADT 2007 - Block to Tool Palettes to Views/Sheets in Project Navigator

    Hi Matthew

    Please note I have *moved* this thread from the AutoCAD LT - General forum to this one, as I feel this particular forum is a more appropriate place for such a topic.

    Thanks, Mike

    Forum Manager

    ps ACA/AMEP Forum Moderators, if this is not the correct ACA/AMEP forum for such a thread, could you please move it to the most appropriate one. Thanks.
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    Default Re: ADT 2007 - Block to Tool Palettes to Views/Sheets in Project Navigator

    Hi Mathew,

    What version of ADT/ACA are you using?

    Have you looked at some of the out-of-the-box (OOTB) title marks. It may be a good starting point to build a title mark the way you want to see it.

    If an OOTB title mark won't work for you and you're still having troubles could you post an example drawing of what you are trying to create so that we can investigate/tweak it to see if we can get it to work?
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