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Thread: alias issues

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    Default alias issues

    a coworker of mine is using LDD2004 and can't get his aliases to work. Replacing his pgp file and running the REINIT command does not fix it. Aliasedit command brings up an empty window (no aliases available).
    The REINIT command brings up an error message that says "dialogs are not available because DCL files are not loaded".

    The install is a new install and the aliases have never worked. I'm thinking that LDD needs to be reloaded, perhaps something happened during the install process.

    wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem.


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    Default Re: alias issues

    You might want to check the Support path on OPTIONS and make sure it looks OK. It should contain the directory that holds your PGP file, as well as the ACAD.DCL and BASE.DCL files.

    Usually, this directory is in your user's home directory, in Application Data/...<version>.../enu/Support.

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