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Thread: Link Sheet set to Sheet List Table and Excel

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    Default Link Sheet set to Sheet List Table and Excel

    Summary: The ability to edit sheet properties in Excel.

    Description: Create a dynamic two-way link from Sheet Set & Sheet properties to the Sheet List Table & Excel.

    How Used: Sheet sets are a step in the right direction, but they are not intuitive nor are they a universal timesaver. If sheet properties (and therefore the displayed attributes) could be edited in Excel, a large time savings could be realized, especially for large projects.

    Feature Affinity: Sheet Set Manager

    Submitted By: Owen Whitehouse on April 5, 2007

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    Default Re: Link Sheet set to Sheet List Table and Excel

    Also, the Sheet List Table is so limited that they include the Drawing Revision Number that you can't even change, see acad help link (

    Summary: under Sheet List Table dialog box / Table Data tab / Column Settings: / Data Type shall link to Sheet Set as Sheet List Table information mostly depends on Sheet Set information.

    Most Architectural and MEP drawing list column title consist of the following;

    1. Serial Number
    2. Drawing Number
    3 Sheet Title
    4. Revision Number / Date
    5. Approved By
    6. Purpose (or Revision Description)
    7. Category
    8. Description (or Remarks)

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