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Thread: Clipboard for AutoCAD

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    Default Clipboard for AutoCAD

    Summary: The ability to have multiple cut and pastes when editing a drawing

    Description: PLEASE have MULTIPLE CUTS and PASTES in EDIT like the ones in Microsoft WORD...We have multiple UNDO's NOW... WHY NOT EDITS...

    How Used: I am a constltant who specializes in RED-LINE of old prints to make them CURRENT... WITH multiple EDITS I can just insert the CORRECTION for that sheet and MOVE ON... VERY EFFICIENT... OTHERWISE I waste considerable time getting the corrections from other drawings...

    Feature Affinity: Modify

    Submitted By: Joe Poston on April 7, 2007

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    Lightbulb Re: Clipboard for AutoCAD

    that sounds great, but in practice it may add a huge overhead in memory consumption, especially when working with OLE data.

    Office deals mostly with short strings of text, so the unlimited cut-and-paste works very well, until you try copying a few webpages full of images into a Word document and things get quickly very shaky.

    perhaps AutoCAD could implement this with a preset limit on memory allocated for the virtual clipboard.

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