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Thread: changing door property sets

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    Default changing door property sets

    Hi All,
    I'm going into door styles and changing jamb sizes & such to provide proper documentation on door schedules. Can some one clear me up on why, when I change things in the style manager, doors still show with default jamb size & other stuff in the properties pallette? Where do you access the properties that show up greyed out with lightning bolts in the properties pallette to enable changes?

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    Default Re: changing door property sets

    This editing needs to be done first in the drawing the contains the live doors and then the drawing with the tags (I'm guessing you have xrefd the floor plan into a view file or something similar).

    The other possibility is that the PSD that you think is referencing the jamb is not and instead looking at another property similar to it. Would you be able to post a small example?
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