Summary: Additional field options for 3D solids.

Description: I would like FIELDS to be able to access at least the volume, surface area, and centroid of 3DSOLID objects.

A bonus would be the other geometric information available via MASSPROP: moment of inertia, etc.

How Used: In the increasingly 3D realm of CAD, we all need to be able to do more than just look at our 3DSOLIDs.

"How much does that fitting weigh, anyhow?"
"How many yards of concrete in that ramp?"
"How much paint will it take to prime coat this tank?"
"Where does the pivot need to go?"

MASSPROP displays some of this information on the text screen, but doesn't update anything automatically. LIST provides a little more (but only if one has a vertical add-on to native AutoCAD). Neither reports surface area, let alone distinguish between interior and exterior surfaces.

Having all this information available via FIELDs, for both 3DSOLID and AEC mass elements, would make it far easier to get current information into notes and tables where it can be of use.

Feature Affinity: Fields

Submitted By: Bill Gilliss on May 24, 2007