Summary: The ability to create a surface using a closed polyline and loft/sweep/revolve tools.

Description: Allow an option to create a surface using closed polylines and loft/sweep/revolve tools. This could be done by introducing a new variable which could be set to solid by default, and can be changed by the user to create a surface.

How Used: The old RuleSurf/TabSurf/EdgeSurf/RevSurf commands are being phased out and the surfaces created by these commands cannot be used for slicing, or converted to solids by assigning a thickness. The newer commands Loft/Sweep/Revolve create solids when closed polylines are used. If the user needs a surface to slice a solid, there is no direct and easy way to do it. Also some solids created by loft are difficult or impossible to shell, these surfaces can be useful in creating complex solids with a shell thickness.

Feature Affinity: 3D

Submitted By: Nail Ozboya on February 22, 2007