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Thread: Exporting Geometry through the API

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    Angry Exporting Geometry through the API


    I'm trying to export all of the geometry contained in a Revit Model, to work with my own OpenGL-based 3D engine, and for some reason, I can get some, but not all of the geometry. Anyhow, I'm basically using the get_Geometry() method of a Revit Element instance and then work my way down to all of the triangular faces. Now, that works for most of the projects, but I encountered an example where I couldn't get everything to show up. In one of the training files, c_Condominium, railing Elements return a Geometry.Element objects consisting of a Solid and an Instance, but their geometry is empty, the solid has no faces and the SymbolGeometry member of the Instance is null, so no triangles are generated. I guess that someone must have a working viewer for Revit elements (samples in the SDK don't work as well) so does anybody have any ideas and is at liberty to discuss them?

    Janko Jerinic
    Lead Developer, Building Explorer LLC

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    Default Re: Exporting Geometry through the API

    If you're not already a member of ADN, I would suggest that you become one. This would be an issue that you'd need to address with Autodesk directly.

    Hope that helps,
    Danny Polkinhorn

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