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Thread: AutoCAD 2004 extra lines appear in DWF plots

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    Default AutoCAD 2004 extra lines appear in DWF plots

    When i plot one of my layout tabs in a multi sheet drawing i get extra lines..arcs to be exact. I have checked everything but they aren't there on the drawing, I can plot a pdf and they aren't there, i have exploded all blocks, made sure all layers were on, i have used publish and plotted the tab using DWF6 eplot.pc3 in both Autocad 2007 and 2008 and in Mechanical 2007 and 2008. I get the same results, Another person plots it in Autocad2004 and its Fine.Any ideas what is causing this? attached is the dwf and pdf that shows the large arcs.

    I downloaded the latest dwfwriter and when i did the problem lines went away. I believe it must be in the dwfplot9 drivers that 2007 and 2008 use, Autocad 2004 uses dwfplot8 heidi drivers with the same pc3 file. Anyone seen problems with these drivers?
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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2004 extra lines appear in DWF plots

    The attachment does not view for me. If you can supply the DWG and DWF, I can log a defect.

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