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Thread: Productstream Vs. others

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    Default Productstream Vs. others

    My company is evaluating data management and workflow tools. We currently use (please don't flam me) Microsoft Access database that I made. It's simply a 'model' of what we really need, config. control, redline tool, comparison tool, workflow and approvals, etc. We also use plain AutoCAD 2008 (and older versions). And we have a few seats of Pro-Enginner as well.

    Is Productstream a workflow manager and check-in and out tool? What are it's strengths/weaknesses? I have also learned of Synergis Adept ( And I've used Alienbrain before (version 6)

    I am tasked with finding a solution for our engineering department. Questions:

    1) Have you also taken this path that I am on?
    2) Any advice?
    3) What other software packages should I be evaluating?
    4) Is one superior than another?
    5) Does anyone have knowledge of information to help me make the best decision? Thanks!


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    Unhappy Re: Productstream Vs. others

    Let me know if you find anything out, I'm in the same boat. I've used SmarTeam before, would not recommend it, it's very user unfriendly and very hard to get support for.


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    Default Re: Productstream Vs. others

    Some tips: First of all, get used to Vault. Install it, you don’t need to install in your network server, just install it in your computer, using AWS, and use it. Official Courseware from Autodesk will be a great help (it worked for me). And it’s far cheaper than a consultant.
    Get used to check-in / check-out using inventor add-in application, and use the vault explorer.
    Vault is the base of the Autodesk Data Management Solution. The way it manages content center and library files, and the tools for copying files is worth the effort. Perhaps some reading on configuration management practices will help, because you may need to make some changes in the way you identify items, structure boms etc.
    So, if you think about PDM (Productstream), and its functions (bom, ecos, mailing etc), first experience Vault. It will save you a lot of time in the future.

    Leonardo Clavell

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