My company is evaluating data management and workflow tools. We currently use (please don't flam me) Microsoft Access database that I made. It's simply a 'model' of what we really need, config. control, redline tool, comparison tool, workflow and approvals, etc. We also use plain AutoCAD 2008 (and older versions). And we have a few seats of Pro-Enginner as well.

Is Productstream a workflow manager and check-in and out tool? What are it's strengths/weaknesses? I have also learned of Synergis Adept ( And I've used Alienbrain before (version 6)

I am tasked with finding a solution for our engineering department. Questions:

1) Have you also taken this path that I am on?
2) Any advice?
3) What other software packages should I be evaluating?
4) Is one superior than another?
5) Does anyone have knowledge of information to help me make the best decision? Thanks!