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Thread: Layer Naming for Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

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    Default Layer Naming for Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

    I am trying to develop some standard layers for our drawing templates and I need AUGI’s help. We do a lot of work with water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. I’m trying to figure out the best way to differentiate all the difference pipes we use in our plants. For example, in our water treatment plants we have:

    • Raw water in (above grade & below grade)
    • Raw water out (above grade & below grade)
    • Backwash In (above grade & below grade)
    • Backwash Out (above grade & below grade)
    • Filter By-Pass (above grade & below grade)
    • Overflow Piping
    • Gravity Drain (above grade & below grade)

    How would you name you layers, trying to follow the national cadd standards?

    Would you make the discipline designator Plumbing or Mechanical? How would you name the Major & Minor groups?

    Any ideas or input would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Layer Naming for Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

    The NCS is a pretty handy system for water/wastewater work, if you think of it in terms of a hierarchical order, Discipline, System, Element, Modifier.

    Under the AIA CLG, your choices for discipline were either P (plumbing) or M (mechanical), neither of which was really a good fit. In the NCS v3.1 there is a D discipline for process, which is probably your best bet. That permits you to cleanly separate the layers for the architectural, civil, structural, building mechanical and building plumbing from the treatment plant work.

    After that, segregate your piping and equipment by the system they belong to. Example would be D-RAWW for raw water, D-RASP for return activated sludge, D-REUS for reuse, D-SCUM for scum control systems, D-CHEM for chemical systems, and so on. The system becomes the Major Group code.

    The Modifier then can become the element being drawn, PIPE, PUMP, EQPM, and where needed to differentiate use the Modifier field(s). D-RAWW-PIPE would be raw water piping, D-REUS-PUMP would be a reuse water pump, D-WASP-PIPE-BGRD would be wast activated sludge piping below grade.

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    Default Re: Layer Naming for Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Great! Thanks for the help!

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