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Thread: Laptop to run AutoCAD 2008 and 3d Studio 9

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    Smile Laptop to run AutoCAD 2008 and 3d Studio 9

    hi, i am planning in buying a laptop and install auto cad 2008 and 3d studio max 9 on it, what hardware and operating system will be the best choice? i will really appreciate any help, thanks
    Rafael Estrada Reyna

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    Default Re: Laptop to run AutoCAD 2008 and 3d Studio 9

    Are you sure you want to do this on a laptop? Max 9 is not usually used on laptops because the built-in video system and the CPU are not up to the task, especially if you are doing complex renders. Your garden-variety notebook that you get at an electronics store like CompUSA or Best Buy isn't going to work out.

    You can get a laptop that will run Max well, but it will cost anywhere from $2500 to $5000 depending on what you want inside of it. What you need is a workstation replacement "laptop" that weigh 5 to 8 kg because they really have desktop workstation components inside.

    Look at Alienware, Dell XPS, and HP - they sell various laptops that are suitable for this work, but a desktop with the same capabilities will be a lot less expensive.

    Hope this helps,

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