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Thread: Raster images via PDF via Oce

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    Default Raster images via PDF via Oce

    I have continuing issues embedding raster images (usually jpeg).

    Raster images in Revit print as crisp as needed on my inkjet or laserjet (as fine a resolution as specified). If I save as a PDF, then print that, they retain the original sharpness on the inkjet or laserjet.

    When I send to either of the large-format shops in town running the OCE 9800, the raster images are terrible. They say their drivers are up to date. I guess it's some anti-aliasing problem - it makes it look like about 50 dpi resolution.

    I love sending PDFs since they compress so well, and I send them to clients. But for acceptable plot quality I have to print to PRN file and send that. The drawbacks are the very large file sizes and the inability to preview the plot.

    Is this just the way it is with OCE, or does anyone know a better work-around? The print shop guy suggested trying .tif embeds, but I don't see how that or .bmp would make a difference.

    PS I couldn't find any old threads about this.

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    Default Re: Raster images via PDF via Oce

    The issue is Ghostscript. For Oce Repro Desk to RIP a PDF to TIF to print, it runs it through Ghostscript, which as a hideous dot pattern for gray scales. You'll never see the difference in linework (which is what it's meant for) but grey lines, hatch patterns (esp grey) and images stink. The only alternative I found was Acroplot Repro which most print houses don't see the point in spending money on (Ghostscript is free). The "work around" we use is to insist on printing directly from the PDF to the printer using a standard windows print driver. You'll get the same results as printing to any of your other devices but they won't get the convenience of the Repro Desk workflow they're used to.

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