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Thread: Revit and Metafile?

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    Default Revit and Metafile?

    Does Revit handle metafiles? import?

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    Default Re: Revit and Metafile?

    What's a metafile...

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    Default Re: Revit and Metafile?

    Just guessing, but people usually mean objects pasted from the Windows Clipboard when talking about 'Metafiles'.

    Metafiles themselves are files containing Windows graphic commands in either 16 bit or 32 bit 'enhanced' format and thus basically vector in nature. They 'play back' when opened to create a graphic.

    Windows clipboard files can contain metafiles alongside bitmap data which makes it quite useful for copying and pasting between applications. In my experience though, it doesn't always work quite like you would expect.

    I won't ramble on any further in case that isn't what rtgis was asking about?

    If it was, then then in my very limited experience, I cannot seem to copy and paste simple line elements between Revit and Nemetschek Allplan - either direction.

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    Default Re: Revit and Metafile?

    While working with a programmer in the past on a database we used the term "Meta data" It was then the program that we wrote that extracts and reports the meta data. I believe that he is asking if there is a separate file that contains all the data.

    With revit I believe that the project file contains this data and everything associated with it. Revit isn't a drafting program, nor a 3D program but more of a database that gives us reports based on what we want to see. This could be a drawing, or scheduleable information based on the "model".

    Revit really blurs the lines when it comes to this. When we "draw" or "model" it is just an architectural method to get information into the database. Then its all reports from there.

    So, that said there isn't a separate "Metafile" for a revit project, its the project itself.

    As for importing this sort of information there are different file types that Revit allows. gbxml is one that I know off the top of my head that may be formated to include metadata. I think that files like IFC is more of a geometry file than a database of known values. Make sense?
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