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Thread: phasing problems - graphic issues

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    Default phasing problems - graphic issues

    I am having some issues with getting things to diplay correctly in a phased project. Currently my project has 3 phases:

    phase 1 : existing conditions
    phase 2: demolition
    phase 3: construction

    The exterior shell (phase 1) is a stacked wall, wood studs/siding over brick base. As you can see in the a2nd image everything diplays correctly. The shell (phase 1) is grey and the new walls are dark. Notice the hatch patterns for the exterior wall brick sill, it is looking down at the brick sill and diplays correctly. But in phase 1 the same brick sill displays with a different hatch pattern, see first image. the view range setting for all phases are the same.

    Any ideas how to resolve this?

    Also, is there any way to set up a plan to show walls from a future phase. An example would be to have my phase 3 walls diplays as dashed lines in my phase 1 plan.
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