Maybe I'm am just really tired, but I read some of the threads regarding rooms and used Revit help but I am just not understanding something.

Okay, I've place rooms and tags on our floor plan. the default when i go to place the rooms for upper limit is usually wrong, so i correct it to be the floor above (which if i am on level 1, the upper limit is level 2. the limit offset is defaulted to 8'-0. shouldn't it be 0'-0"? because i don't want the upper limit to be offset 8' from level 2. but it won't let me put 0'0 in the box. i have to place a number and then when i have place all my rooms, i select all the rooms and go to the properties box and change the limit offset to be 0 and in here, Revit allows me to do it. so i am just confused. any clarification would help. thanks.