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Thread: Beam Flanges over 2'-0" width not responding to Framing Elevation.

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    Default Beam Flanges over 2'-0" width not responding to Framing Elevation.

    I cannot show Special Giders that are over 24” in flange width in a Framing Elevation unless I stretch the Far clip offset beyond the flange edge. I then have more steel cut than I want and of coarse more steel showing in the cut plane.

    Yet on smaller flange beams under 2"-0". I do not have to extend the far clip at all, just somewhere on the flange a little beyond the web.

    Any helpful tips
    The Goal: Is just to show the horizontal or vertical bracing steel on this particular column line. Not including any perpendicular members that may be applied. This is the only situation I have seen where the framing elevation is not responding normally.

    Sample Project File attached with respective problem: Refer to elevation 1-a and respective Level

    Keep on Reviting

    Dan Levesque
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    I'm not sure I understand you correctly but you want both plate girders(Hor. Bracing for you) in elevation but not Perpendicular members e.g. columns?

    If So. This is what I did
    (1) Turn off Crop Regions by selecting NO CROP REGIONS- This showed both girders in elevations.
    (2) Set the Visibility Grpahics for the Elevation 1a to not show columns by Checking off Structural Column Checkbox clear.

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