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Thread: AutoCAD 2008 Hydracad commands not working in enterprise CUI

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    Default AutoCAD 2008 Hydracad commands not working in enterprise CUI

    I have a problem. Our Fire Protection people use Hydracad, and I'm having some issues. I stop short of saying "compatibility issues," because the Hydracad stuff works; the problem is that some of my custom commands that reside in my enterprise CUI are coming up "Unknown Command" when running my Hydracad profile. The really weird thing is that not all of the custom commands won't work, it's only certain ones.

    If I open the CUI editor and look at the command list, everything looks to be in order; the commands are there, everything looks to be loaded correctly... My acaddoc.lsp should be loading all these routines with each drawing, but it doesn't seem as though that is the case.

    Any suggestions? Would it make a difference if I created an .mnl file for my enterprise instead of relying on acaddoc.lsp?

    The FP guys get along OK without these tools, but just the fact that they won't work is bothering me; it's my job to make sure everything works and that's exactly what I intend to do.

    For the record, this problem existed before I came to this company, but I damn sure would like to be the one who finally makes it all work together correctly.

    Any ideas? I'm stymied at the moment.

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2008 Hydracad commands not working in enterprise CUI

    Are other parts of the contents of AcadDoc.lsp loading under the problem profile? If so, are the missing items somehow similar to each other, e.g. all located in a different folder?

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