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Thread: ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

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    Default ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

    I started working at a new architecture firm last year and I was put on a CAD Standards team. Since the main team member left a month ago, I have now become the new go-to guy for CAD standards. One of the issues that keeps coming up is if we should be using x-refs or not in Architectural Desktop 2004. There are two schools of thought. I will use a floor plan sheet as an example.

    Method 1:
    Create an floor plan drawing, and use paperspace tabs to layout out the necessary sheets. This plan can then be x-ref-ed into a sections drawing or roof plan drawing as a reference when necessary.

    Method 2:
    Create a base plan drawing, with only the floor plan drawing information in it. This "baseplan" is then x-ref-ed into a floor plan drawing where paperspace sheets are then set up similar to method 1. The end result is the same. Method 2 uses an x-ref link, where method 1 does not.

    Older co-workers (who learned on v.14 or less) claim that method 2 is better because it allows them to send out a baseplan to consultants. Method 1 seems to allow the ease of export. I believe that with all the new advances AutoCAD has seen since version 14, x-ref-ed base files are no longer necessary.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how their firm handles this situation, or how it should be handled in an ideal world? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Eric M.

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    Default Re: ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

    ADT (even current releases) is based on Method 2. The Project navigator in 2006+ is performs this task nicely.

    My vote is for method 2.


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    Default Re: ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

    I prefer method 2 as well. I work for an electrical contractor and 90% of the drawings we see from Architects and Engineers were created using method 2.

    Also, as Terry says the project navigator is set up to make using method 2 a snap.
    Scott Telthorst
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    Default Re: ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

    Hi Congrats on your first post.

    Method 2 has my vote as well. I guess the other part of the question is if you are using ADT as Acad or if you are actually using adt to create your sections and elevations. The X-ref option also allows you to have more people work on things when needed. Details for example. We usually create 1 detail per file and x-ref that drawing in. So at the end of a typ project we'll have say 10 sheet files and 150 drawing files (about 10-20 per sheet). The nice part about this method is when you get down to project crunch time, you can have all hands on deck to pick the last of the redmarks.
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    Default Re: ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?

    David beet me to it....option 2 all the way

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