I just posted this to the design review forum but thought I'd also let the revit gurus here have a crack at it. I am having some issues with a revit file I've exported to dwf. I exported all the sheets of a home to a single dwf file for our purchasing department so they can do all of the take-offs but am having some strange issues when trying to measure distances. On the basement and main level plans it measures real distance (a 16' opening at 1/8" scale measures ~2") but the upper level, elevations, and some of the other sheets measure properly (the same 16' opening now shows as ~16'-0") Why is it properly scaling some views and not others. I'm not too familiar with design review but I can't seem to find a setting to try to fix this. I also can't find a solution in Revit either. I export the entire 2D dwf at the same time and I can't see where there is a difference between the upper level and the main level as far as view properties. They are at the same scale, even use the same view template for the most part. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.