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Thread: ModelSpace V. PaperSpace

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    Default ModelSpace V. PaperSpace

    I searched on the boards for this question but did not find anything. I am using VBA to xref in some drawings. I would like a few of them to go to model space and a few to go to paperspace. I already have all the logic worked out as to which go where I just need to know what is going on. This is basically how I would put it in paperspace:

    ThisDrawing.PaperSpace.InsertBlock(insertionPnt, PathName, 0.083333, 0.083333, 0.083333, 0)

    and likewise if I wanted it in ModelSpace I would just replace Paperspace with Modelspace. However upon trying this, for some reason they all show up in paperspace. Do I need to set them active before I do this or something. Thank you very much.

    EDIT: Sorry for wasting your time. I figured it out and apparently thats what you need to do is set it active first.
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    Default Re: ModelSpace V. PaperSpace

    I would think that your original code would work just fine. But, I do know that if you use the Actual block object to insert it to it works as desired without setting it current. Do so by grabbing the Layout from the Layouts collection (Set oLayout = oLayouts.Item("Model") 'for Modelspace) and then get the Layout's Block object (which is what actually contains the entities in the Layout). Do the same for each PS Layout.

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