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Thread: wall tag leader settings

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    Default wall tag leader settings

    Is there any way to permenantly set the lenght of wall tag leaders in a project or template file. No matter what I do, everytime I open revit my wall tag leaders are set to 1/2" long.

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    Default Re: wall tag leader settings

    Not that I'm aware of. In general, the leaders and other "smart" objects in Revit do not have any non-programed customization possibilities. In other words, if the properties dialog doesn't give you a check box, you can't do it.

    If you're just trying to make sure they line up on a particular drawing, they will snap to each other quite well. If you're going for the consistency of leader size, then I'd venture to say you're SOL. This is one of those cases where trying to maintain CAD standards isn't going to be in your best interests.

    If it really matters to you guys that much, I'd submit a support request to AutoDesk and see if they can set the "default" length for you. You never know, those guys have weird powers...

    Good Luck!

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