Hi, we are currently in the process of upgrading from 2007 to 2008 and I'm having some issues with my printing tools.
Let me start off by describing how I have setup printing in our office.
We have about 75 users total and have many different printers in two different buildings. I've got everybody pulling from network PC3 files. I've also setup a series of print buttons that allow the users to print to any printer, any sized sheet, with the push of a button. The buttons bring in pagesetups that are then set current and printed from.

The issue I'm having with our KIP printer is that the drivers are the same as what 2007 required. (Kip9.hdi) I can't get the new PC3 file to referrence the drivers that are installed in the 2008 folder. Instead, they continue to reference the 2007 folder. The end result is an error when hitting the button that states that there is NO Matching Media.

I thought I'd throw this in the forums as I am quickly running out of ideas on how to remedy the issue.