I know the character limit for adding categories or subsets in Project Navigator (Constructs, Views and Sheets) is supposed to be 255 characters...

However, in my office we cannot add catgories to Constructs or Views (nor subsets to Sheets) after far FEWER than 255 characters, including server share name all the way down. In one case we couldn't create a category after 121 characters (yes, we counted). This is neither a DNS error, a mapping error, nor any other server or Windows (2003 server R2) issue.

My team and I verified this through a methodical approach by moving problem Projects off the Windows server to a local C: drive, at which point all errors went away. We then moved the same project to a separate Windows box that had file sharing enabled, and all issues returned.

Outside of ACA (say, in Windows Explorer) we can create new files and folders from the same loaction without any problems.

So... any idea what's going on and how to fix this? All our ACA projects are affected.