I am a Lighting and Electrical Designer. I am new to REVIT, and as I am creating a fixture library, I am have problems with getting fixture to work correctly. The only family that has a physical light emitter is the linear family. Which work great for linear fixtures, but doing a fixture like a recessed downlight it does not work so well. It produces a football shaped pattern. Another problem I have with the light source, take for instance a recessed down light, when placing the light source where the actual light source is, it render great, but does not calculate footcandles in the room. When you move the light source below the ceiling you get footcandle calcs. but the render is not accurate.

Proposed solutions:
1. Enable the light emitter to be a object that can be inserted in different formats other that linear.

2. Control orientation, projection and shape of light emitter.

3. Allow light emitter to be placed above the ceiling to and still be able to calculated footcandles. Light sources are typically above the ceiling anyway and SHOULD be calculated through the holes in the ceiling that the fixture produces.