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Thread: nested + nested window family with louvre arrays

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    this window family hosts another family (the shade - is that how you call it???) that hosts another family (the louvre).
    An example of how I use arrays and nested families to create complex model families automatically controlled.

    The louver array is controlled by a parameter inside the nested family (persiana) and also in the window family (for some reason I had to add a parameter... otherwise I had problems...).

    I did not add materials or anything as well as I did not create any different geometry for the 3 detail levels yet, as I am working on this family at the moment for a project I am working on (a country farm house in the south of Italy), so I will hopefully post the final one once I'm finished (if it works ).

    I thought that this window can be food for thought for those who are into nested families and also I would like some suggestions on this type of families: seems that they slow down performance very much if you use them extensively... anyone know how to "optimize them" to go a little faster?

    any help is very much appreciated.


    ps: sorry that some parameters are still in italian... I translated them just for the post...
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