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Thread: check standards error

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    Default check standards error

    When using the check standards function I get the following error message:

    Command: Unknown command "STANDARDS". Press F1 for help.

    Apparently the arx file wasn't in the program folder. When copying this into the folder it gave the error message posted below. After following through the steps of other posts here I still get it. Initially it didn't install the AcStd.arx because I had the anti-virus enabled. After I disabled it and reinstalled AutoCAD the files are in the program folder and it gives me this error:

    AcStd.arx is incompatible with this version of AutoCAD.
    AcRxDynamicLinker failed to load 'C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2008\AcStd.arx'
    C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2008\acad.exeUnable to load AcStd.arx file.

    Any clue anyone? Much appreciated.


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    Default Re: check standards error


    check the 64/86 bitness of the arx file.
    for some odd reason my AutoCAD installed the 64bit arx in the 86bit folder...

    I swear it did!

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