Ive been using AutoCad for over 12 years in a number of civil engineering offices; prior my current employment, which began about a year and a half ago, I was using R14. Right now, I'm in an office that still uses C3D 2006 (though it was a great step up from my previous experience level) and I've been trying to learn C3D for the past year. Mostly, we use the C3D package but just do basic 2D AutoCad commands 95% of the time.
With constant deadlines and no company support for "certified training" we're left to our own devices to figure out how to use the software. Hence, as I mentioned, we largely do simple 2D Autocad most of the time. There's only about half a dozen of use that try to actually implement certain aspects of C3D. I focus on labels and point styles most of the time, another person does the surface models to support other staff people who do profiles and grading. So each of us has a small part of the picture of what C3D can do, but none of us, as yet, can claim outright "competence" overall.
With that background, can anyone help lead me to the "best practice" route of finding and using labels that we can apply as Northing & Easting labels around a general site area? It appears that most of the built in labels are geared toward baselines and alignments. I'd like to set up a label that uses a leader positioned with the Northing coordinate listed in a "stacked text" manner above the leader landing and the Easting value below the landing. It seems like such a simple task that I'm almost ashamed to admit the amount of time I've invested (not all at one sitting) and have yet to accomplished the task. I just recently discovered the control mechanism for adjusting the length of the landing portion of the leader. It appears to tied in with the arrowhead size value; when you set one the other changes proportionally. but I'm not sure this is the appropriate or "best practices" way of configuring the label.
Any assistance will, most certainly, be welcome. And "Bless yer l'il pea-pickin' hearts out there, hear!?