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Thread: Sheet Manage Custom Properties

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    Default Sheet Manage Custom Properties

    Summary: Sheet Manager custom properties to be inserted in the model and updated automatically.

    Description: I wish that Sheet Manager custom properties could be inserted in the model and could be updated automatically just like if they were in the layouts.
    Example: I created a custom sheet set property "NumberOfSheets". I wanted to insert that field in a piece of text for match lines "See Match Line A-A on Sheet 7 of 51" (51 being the NumberOfSheets" field.
    Then I add sheets in the project and I update the NumberOfSheets field in the sheet set.
    The field will only update if I insert the block in the layout. It also works after I update the field in floating model, but the field will not update directly in the model for blocks inserted in the model. Why?

    How Used: Some sheet properties belong to the model. Give users the choice to determine where the custon properties will update automatically.

    Feature Affinity: Fields

    Submitted By: Jacques Lallemand on July 10, 2007

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    Default Re: Sheet Manage Custom Properties

    I agree that this would be very handy.

    This probably goes back to having one sheet per drawing though, I think.

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    Default Re: Sheet Manage Custom Properties

    As Kim stated this could only work if you only had one sheet per drawing or if every sheet in the drawing was in the same set.

    If you had two sheets in a drawing but they were both in different sheet sets the software would not know which sheet set's properties to apply.
    Jeff Paulsen

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