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Thread: Auto Increment Numbering for AutoCAD LT.

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    Default Auto Increment Numbering for AutoCAD LT.

    Due to the limitation of programming in AutoCAD LT, it's really painful automating tasks over there. As an outcome of this thread, here is a tricky macro to automate the process of increment numbering in AutoCAD LT.
    Configure the macro in a button (or wherever you are comfortable). Click on the button once and click on the required locations continuously to keep the incremented numbers. use USERR1 system variable to set the starting number and USERR2 for the increment.

    For example, suppose you need to start numbering from 1.001 and continue like 1.002,1.003,1.004........, set USERR1 to 1 and USERR2 to .001. This will enable you to do the numbering as stated before.

    The above macro presumes that the text height in the current text style is 0. If you have the habit of assigning specific text height to a text style, better use the following macro.
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