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Thread: Support for AECC Objects in Queries

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    Default Support for AECC Objects in Queries

    Description: Update Map to enable querying for Civil3d objects, in particular querying on AECC Points and Feature Lines

    How Used: It would be helpful to bring in information held as AECC Points and Feature Lines from a source drawing into the active drawing. Especially being able to generate ad-hoc queries of AECC Points based on layer, location or that fall within a buffer zone. Frequently I have a need to look at point information in a design file, and need a simple way to bring in the AECC Points at a specific location or within a specific area to see what the surveyed elevation, point number, or assigned description was. Adding support for AECC Points and feature lines would help in doing that significantly.

    Feature Affinity: Queries
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