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    Default ACA 2008 Project Details

    HI All.

    Attached are two Pics.

    1. ProjectDetails.JPG shows The project details as entered in the project Navigator of ACA 2008 with default values set to some of the Nodes.
    2. A custom VB form that can read those values and also change those values to what has been set in the VB form. This changes the Project.APJ file.

    This all works fine, and our code that we have been working on that uses these project wide values is all working great. What we are however wanting to do is.

    1. If a project has been loaded that does not have these Nodes (ie Snow Zone) in the Project Details section of the *.APJ file, is it possible to add that by default, when the form is loaded? We have found no way of doing this.

    Any help would be apreciated.


    Phillip Miller
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