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    Default Complete Uninstall

    Summary: An application that will do a complete uninstall, file cleaning and registry cleaning of older versions when a new version is installed.

    Description: I would like to see Autodesk create an application to do a complete uninstall, file cleaning and registry clean for any old version of Autodesk applications on a computer for when a new version is to be installed. A better idea would be if it were created as an MSI file to be used with Active Directory's Group Policy.

    How Used: There has always been problems with the time necessary to do uninstalls on large number of machines and the remaining folders and registry entries causing problems with new installs. the only other option has been to leave all older versions on the computer and lose space and cause problems.

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    Submitted By: David Heitz on August 16, 2007

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    Default Re: Complete Uninstall

    That would be really good. Other software publishers manage it - even if it is often necessary to download a tool for the purpose.

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