Summary: Make it possible to exporting a drawing in one unit of measure, setting it to another unit of measure as an export option. Example: Metric IDW to Inch DXF

Description: Pearson designs both metric and inch parts. Often these parts need a DXF file associated with them to be manufactured. our probelm is that when we created a metric DXF file we always need to open it up and then re-scale by 0.03937 so that a metric DXF is the "equivalent" of an inch DXF. I would like to have a DXF creation setting that you could select to automatically do this scaling if the drawing template is metric. If this is not the way you work then you could de-select this option.

How Used: I would add a check box to the DXF publish options screen.

Feature Affinity: Other

Submitted By: Matt Dykhouse on August 16, 2007