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Thread: Standard Layers

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    Default Standard Layers

    Is there way to print out all the layers in Civil 3D? I would like to create a standard list with descriptions for our design team.

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    Default Re: Standard Layers

    Hi Jennifer,
    If you check the Lisp Forum, I am sure there is a routine there that will do just as you ask. Another way is to go to and downlaod their Layerhtm routine (Last time I checked it was a free download)

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    Default Re: Standard Layers

    You can open the Layer Manager, hit CTRL-A to select all layers, hit CTRL-C to copy. Then paste into Excel.

    Nearly all of the tables in Civil-3D can be copy-and-pasted into Excel. The Layer one isn't really designed for it, so you might get some strange-looking results for some of the fields ("ByLineWeightDefault" for the lineweight, etc.), but it works.

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