In researching this problem I use Filemon to analyze the start up process and I notice a number of things that seem odd. To qualify that statement I am NOT a coding\Program expert only a minor hacker. So I can really only guess at some of these entries. Please feel free to correct any of my assumtions.

Our ADT runs about 35 shared licenses, with the ADT.CUI as Enterprise on the server. Additional resources on the server include, PC3's, PMP's, Lisp's(w/images), pat's, Tool palettes(w/images), blocks, dictionary, fonts, and other miscellaneous. I have done a number of things that are supposed to help, i.e. creating DLL's for all CUI's, turning off Signature validation, etc...

Here are some of the Filemon oddities

AdskCleanup.0001 - Alot of entries for that and I believe there is not much to be done.

Searches my "C:\Program Files\ADT 2007" directory last. Meaning it goes through all search paths THEN the install dir. This is important for the number of DLL's it looks for. I think setting my "Start in" path to "C:\Program Files\ADT 2007" corrected this.

Searches for non-existing Help files. - acad.chm, acet.chm(express tools), etc...

Finally Looks for .VLX and .FAS versions of lisp routines BEFORE looking for .LSP.

Please help, any and all comments are welcome.