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Thread: Description format

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    Question Description format

    I started at a new company and I am working at organizing the system we use to import points and have symbols come along with them. I set up the description key manager and symbol manager and I have the majority of them working fine, but when I try to set the description format for trees, it is not coming out right.

    For example, I have the code (OAK which would be for an 8" oak, and my description format is : ($1" oak) then when the point comes in it is just displaying ($1" oak). This is probably something simple that I am missing but hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have been trying to search the forums and find something as well. I am currently using version 2006.

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    Default Re: Description format

    In "Point Settings", on the "Description Keys" tab, check the "Matching Options".
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